five weekend activities

2016 May 20 Hello Friday By Leonie Wise-13

  1. get together with some girlfriends. leave the guys at home, put on some lippy, or your favourite pair of jeans and go have some laughs with women who fill you up.
  2. exercise. walk, run, skip, dance, play, go for a bike ride to somewhere new. yes, even if it’s raining.
  3. plan the next adventure. near, far, overnight, weekend, or longer. take some time to dream about, or plan, the next adventure.
  4. be curious. take a class, visit a new (to you) eatery, try a new way of seeing things, pick a subject you know little (or nothing) about and learn enough to give you a basic understanding of it.
  5. do the thing. the one that’s been on your list for what seems like centuries. make the time. start it. or finish it. do it.


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