e kore au e ngaro, he kākano i ruia ki tēnei whenua.
i will never be lost, i am a seed of this land

it’s new zealand music month again and this years hunt for new music has so far led to some fabulous discoveries. like rosy tin tea caddy (thanks marianne), the woolshed sessions (i grew up in the region where this album was recorded), hannah howes (another beautiful soulful artist), a great new track from opensouls and others.

there are so many fabulous musicians in this world. and yet, even in this, i still often return home.

2 thoughts on “fresh

  • The gorgeous female vocalist and songwriter for Rosy Tin Teacaddy is doing yoga with me in Paekakariki. I’m off on Saturday night to see the Woolshed Sessions play at Raumati beach – several of the band members are good friends and they play the most delicious gigs. I think you should consider coming home for NZ music month next year!

  • Also:

    New Fat Freddies in 2 weeks.
    New Pitch Black remix album out (got it)


    yay NZ music month!

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