from there and here [wild]



1 // there: we spend a week over christmas at this gorgeous cottage on the wild cornish coast. the weather is so bad that we are woken often during our first night there by water dripping down through the chimney! most of the plans i’d made were hampered by the wild weather and we spend most of the week indoors staring out at the stormy sea. it is the perfect week, even if not the one we’d planned for. december 2012

2 // here: i’ve found three nests in the past couple of weeks. wild weather here must have blown them out of the trees. i hope their inhabitants have found safer places to stay!

4 thoughts on “from there and here [wild]

  • such beautiful objects – I still am amazed that these are all created by incredibly inventive parents who seek out the best building material on the ground, in trees and around yards and then weave these lovely little homes with no arms/hands. such determination and instinct.


  • That first photo – oh goodness, what a magical looking place! It seems right that the weather would be wild there.

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