from there and here [urban]

there-12 here-12

1 // there: the view from the shard looking east over tower bridge towards docklands and beyond. february 2013

2 // here: moving from a city of 8 million people to an island with just 8 thousand year-round inhabitants, life consists of looking at tiny landscapes from a much closer perspective

+ playing along with between lenses november prompt today

9 thoughts on “from there and here [urban]

  • Woah! Absolutely gorgeous skyline! That second photo is cool too. Is that moss on a tree? It looks different than anything I’ve seen before.

  • i’m so glad you shared both these images, they’re fantastic! also, i love how you’ve paired them to make a stunning contrast of different urban perspectives. beatuiful.

  • I love how both of these images are breathtaking in their own ways; one for the vastness of the view, and the other for the intricacies of nature’s design. So gorgeous.

  • wow, such beautiful photos! i absolutely love the contrast from the big city to the small island and how much it changes your perspective. this is so great!! thank you for joining in!

  • Beautiful perceptive of the two! Gorgeous, gorgeous skyline by the way. :)

    Only 8,000!? Wow. What a difference…

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