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from there and here [look for the joy]

from there and here [look for the joy]



1 // there: “only you stopping you” my wise (in more than name) husband says to me. so i go. my porch room overlooks the lake and i wake early in the morning to swim. elizabeth tells me she will always remember the moment she saw me speak of it – my eyes were glittering and my face was suffused with joy. and i will always remember how it felt – to swim that morning as the sun rose over the hills, to engage in creative play, to meet heart friends. even now, the thought of it all sustains me. september 2009

2 // here: a nothing special, and emotionally rough, kinda day today. where something hurt like hell and i couldn’t logically think my way out of the place i was in. i get home from the gym, where sweating it out kinda worked, and find mermaid rocks giving me a gentle, and colourful, reminder to look for the joy. just what i needed.