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from there and here [a bit of a walk]

pruno village, apuan alps, italy
pruno, italy

pruno village, apuan alps, italy

kapowairua (spirits bay) northland, north island, new zealand (c) leonie wise
1 // there: i watched (and thoroughly enjoyed) the movie the way last night and it reminded me, again, of how much i love to walk. perhaps one day i too shall do that pilgrimage, and it reminds me of the amazing time we had in italy last year. it’s day six of our 10-day ‘walk like an italian trip’ and nic and i go for a quick walk after breakfast in order to get a view of the tiny village of pruno in the apuan alps where we have been staying for the past two days. high up in those peaks behind the village, obscured by clouds, is the place a handful of us climbed to yesterday. there’s a hole in the rock up there through which, when the clouds parted, we could see down the valley to the village. september 2013

2 // here: nic and i take a drive up to the top of the north island, stopping a few places for a bit of a walk. this one, kapowairuia (spirits bay), is a particular favourite. january 2014

+ i’ve written about whole italian trip here, and there’s a small gallery of some of my favourite images here