from there and here [savour]



1 // there: an incredible – and memorable – second visit to the highlands of scotland. one of the places we could both return to again and again. april 2011

2 // here: we get up early and i spray & scrub the deck whilst nic shops then makes breakfast. friends due over for a bbq re-schedule for tomorrow so we spend the day marking things off our house maintenance list. then, as the shadows lengthen, we make time to sit & savour it all.

One thought on “from there and here [savour]

  • I found a book written by a Swede here in my favourite secondhand bookshop in Antwerp …

    Imagine, I read this, in Chapter 2. ‘That is where my brain wants to go, and I allow it. On this bench in a park on the other side of the earth. I close my hand around a small hair clip, and in an instant I am back on the deck of my home at Waiheke Island. In New Zealand. A year after that Saturday.
    I had gone out onto the deck, as I had every morning since we’d built it.’
    From, “sonata for miriam’ by Linda Olsson :-)

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