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guildford to chilworth

guildford to chilworth

i had a crappy nights sleep and ended up folding myself up on a sofa this morning looking for rest. i wondered where the sun had gone, since yesterday was so spectacular. i also wondered if my husband was ever going to wake up so we could do something together.

eventually he did. he suggests a bike ride, but my legs are pretty wobbly from yesterday’s workout, so i suggest a walk instead. i remember someone at work talking about a book they have that is all about walks not far from london that can be reached by train. since we don’t have a car, this sounds like a good plan. i don’t have the book, but the powers of google put me on to some ideas.

since it’s almost midday already, we pick one that’s not too far away – somehow it seems necessary to make this a low-hassle day, so we need to be able get there quickly without too much bother, or i fear we might change our minds and stay indoors. the route we choose looks about long enough so we feel like we’ve had a decent walk and seems about short enough that it’s likely that a country pub will still be serving lunch once we get there.

we walk across pewley down, then through meadows and woods, we play horse wandering along the long path between two hedges, and stroll down quiet country lanes. the superb lunch at the pub at the end was a wonderful finale.