in which i attend a letterpress workshop, run by the two fab ladies at harrington & squires

composing stick

applying ink to the press (an adana 8×5)

first press. VERY excited

the creation: a limited edition print run of one of my poems

288 picas wide. such a fabulous use for a tiny space

also love these shopping list magnets that they make. so cool

11 thoughts on “h&s

  • Oh I just love letterpress. I started this year with a 3-day course at LCC – twas grand. Bought myself an Adana 8×5 a few months ago and itching to get cracking playing with it – just can’t find the space to set it up at the moment :( Such a wonderful craft to learn. I look forward to seeing some more of your poems in letterpress… ?

  • I can’t think of a more fitting context for your poetry honey. Just gorgeous. xxx

  • These are great photos and I think there is such magic to this process. Love that you got one of your poems printed out. xo

  • The workshop looks fantastic and what great results. The shopping list – fun on the fridge, but not so practical to put in your bag or pocket and take to the supermarket with you!

  • yeow…. love it. letterpress is on my list of things to do..! Man in wangavegas runs classes, infrequently though, am being a patient waiting person…. luuuuuccckkkyyy YOU.

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