how many photographs is too many?

sandy bay, waiheke island. by leonie wise


i went for a walk this morning after i’d dropped nic at the ferry, following the little pathways up and down the hillside from little oneroa to fisherman’s rock a couple of bays away.

it was a beautiful morning and i made a lot of photographs in amongst the marvelling; it felt great to be out in the early morning light, exploring the little island where we live, savouring the quiet start to the day.

i had such a lovely time this morning that i wanted to include you; as if by looking at these photographs you’d really feel like you’d come with me.

since i want for you to really get a sense of how it felt to be out there, i’m now sitting here wondering exactly how many photos i need to share to achieve that?!?

  • shall i show them to you in a big long line down the page, or as a gallery?
  • should i split this up into multiple posts?
  • how many photos will you scroll through before you get bored?
  • (how many photos would i be willing to scroll through before i got bored?)

i just don’t know!
(i even looked on the internet for answers, but didn’t find anything that was really all that helpful.)

so, i’m working on the premise that we are all busy, and showing you too many photos of my morning would be like that time you had to sit at your great uncle steve’s house, pretending to be interested as he showed you about a gazillion photos of his trip to europe last year whilst he added what felt like hours of commentary to every. single. one.

i want to leave you feeling like you’d been there… wanting more glimpses, not fewer.


waves on the shoreline, little oneroa, waiheke island. by leonie wise heron in the water, little oneroa bay, waiheke island. by leonie wise toi toi in the morning light. by leonie wise oneroa bay in the sunlight. by leonie wise rabbit in the grass. by leonie wise a seat and a fenceline. by leonie wise looking down a stairway through the bush to the sea. by leonie wise the sea at fisherman's rock, waiheke island. by leonie wise seaweed. by leonie wise rock in the foreground, islands in the background, sea in the middle ground. by leonie wise trees growing through stairs. by leonie wise grass in the morning light. by leonie wise

10 thoughts on “how many photographs is too many?

  • Hi Leonie, wonderful and inspirational photos. I like your way you make them and really enjoy each post from you. This way you show your photos is perfect.
    You live in such a wonderful place, and your photos give me the feeling of strolling around there.
    Love from Carola, Germany

    • Thanks Carola, I am glad you like visiting me here. I do live in a wonderful place and I’m very thankful that I can live here.
      It looks like where you live is a beautiful place too!

  • There can never be too many photographs when they were taken by you. I love your style. One thing that does make me sad though is seeing how crowded the island has become. I love how you have made photographs (beautiful phrasing!) of the lingering quiet and wild at its edges.

    • Thanks Sarah. Yes, the island certainly has more crowds than it has historically (even in the last 2 years since we’ve been here). The perils of living somewhere that is now widely touted as one of the best islands to visit in the world! It is the price of progress, I suppose, but there are wild places here still, if you make time to look for them, and ways to avoid the ‘crowds’.

      Yes, I make photographs, I don’t take them. There is a very substantial difference (for me) with regards to the energy behind the words make and take. (For me), making a photograph involves inspiration and creativity combined with consideration and attention – what not to include is just as important as what to include. And (for me), pressing a button without any of these considerations is my definition of taking a photograph… I don’t want to do that!

  • Lovely shots, each one of them. I want to live in them. I feel like you just know in your gut what is right because you do such a beautiful job in this space. Thank you for sharing your morning walk.

    • Thanks darlin’. I’m glad to have your company here, even if you can’t really be with me there.

  • Hi Leonie! I found this post, Fulfilling! It was just the right amount of viewing – A bit of this and that – To me, that is perfection! Being a photographer, writer, blogger myself – I, too have these concerns. Keep doing what you are doing — Loving your posts – Love from Boston, MA ~Kristine

    • Photography, and the sharing of it, is such a subjective thing isn’t it. Someone thinks ‘just right’, another thinks ‘too much’, another thinks ‘too little’ – kinda like Goldilocks! Thanks for your feedback Kristine :)

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