how to avoid writing

to give the flip side of susannah’s recent tips on how to get unstuck when writing, here’s some tips for you on how to avoid writing at all costs. these tips are based on my own (current) real-life experiences.

  1. procrastinate. make lots of lists of things to do. get them all done aside from the ones where you have to write something
  2. say yes to invitations from friends to write guest posts and be part of exquisite collaborations, then be prepared to experience the worst writer’s block ever
  3. never allow yourself any time to sit quietly. avoid going for a walk alone at. all. costs. these moments are where creative ideas are born
  4. claim VOICE as your word for the year, then do all that you can to suppress it
  5. read other people’s writing and get depressed because what they have to say appears to be more interesting than anything you could possibly write yourself
  6. hang out online for hours on end not really with any purpose in mind
  7. watch movies that aren’t really that good
  8. fill your blog with crazy moustaches and leave your paper journals as dry & dusty as death valley
  9. pretend you have nothing to say

14 thoughts on “how to avoid writing

  • yeaH – a list of how to avoid anything really – also try to think it right through before you can do a thing – then when you have finished thiinking – realise that it’s going to take a huge time longer to do it than think about it and that’s really depressing so give up now – think about something else to get over that depression till you can get back to the stage of starting…!
    I have to keep reminding myself it is far quicker and easier to think something through than it is to work something through but the working it through part is FAR more rewarding

  • It feels like you wrote this just for me – definitely the sign of a successful writer :-)

    Want to meet up and procrastinate together sometime soon?


  • snicker. i have to say that i am wise to ALL of these tricks! and many more when it comes to avoiding painting or drawing or doing anything that takes time and skill and when i am afraid of FAILURE!

  • Oh with you here sister… I have a pile of “writing” to be done.. but like the laundry it is mouldering in the corner waiting to be pegged out.. ::sigh::

  • I think maybe you have been living in my head Leonie! I adored reading this list tonight. Oh, it’s such hard work sometimes, isn’t it?

  • Definitely guilty of #6 and #5 I tell my fiance I’m “promoting my blog” but really I’m just avoiding writing in it.


  • *ouch* I recognize most of these. It is what is happening with my novel lately. Somehow, I am still blogging (although August Break was mostly about photos, so maybe that doesn’t count), but yikes… I know what you mean. I hope you manage to break out of it soon. Just know, for whatever it is worth (and I hope it is worth at least a little encouragement), that I never think you are uninteresting or that your writing is anything other than wonderful.

  • At last, a list I can get on board with and have a chance of achieving! Oh, but hang on… ;)

  • you are now banned from the house. Take your laptop to Hubbub and don’t come back until you have some writing done.


    Mr. on the other side of the table.

  • yes. i know these avoidance methods intimately. but i can tell you that when you are ready, the words will flow. xo

  • Clever! :)

    Oh yes, I specialise in quite a few of these! No. 5 is one I often struggle against.

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