i am a stranger here too

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There is no square mile of earth’s inhabitable surface that is not beautiful in its own way, if we men will only abstain from wilfully destroying that beauty.
– William Morris

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Inside everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born.
– David Whyte

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we arrange meet on the northbound platform of the victoria line at finsbury park, 9.45 am. it feels like a great rendezvous point for the beginning of an adventure and it’s nice to have xanthe’s company for today’s expedition.

we take the tube to the end of the line and emerge into the cool air wondering which way to turn.
a local map is consulted and we decide upon a cemetery and the surrounding area.
(this plan changes the minute we see a sign for the william morris gallery).

walthamstow surprises us both.

we get back on the train and ride to the other end of the line. it’s past midday and our stomachs are about ready to eat themselves. i’ve heard about a gluten free bakery in the brixton market so we set off to find it. it’s closed, though our lunch at honest burgers more than makes up for the disappointment.

brixton is even more surprising.


the second in a new photographic series – travelling to the ends of each of the london underground lines and documenting what i find.

yesterday: both ends of the victoria line – walthamstow central & brixton

4 thoughts on “i am a stranger here too

  • So good.
    All of it.
    The experience for me and how you saw it.
    That lunch. That bit of blue. William Morris – who knew?

  • What a lovely set of photos filled with vibrant color and motion…I dream of a visit to London one day. Thank you for sharing so I could live vicariously through your images!

  • I spent a year living in Walthamsotow, and the William Morris Gallery always felt like a strange surprise there. (The cemetery in the old village was always interesting, too.)

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