i am at peace in the arms of the mother - a self portrait by leonie wise
a catastrophic event has occurred… i lost TWO lenses (and i only have three) in a heartbeat. they fell out of my bag and on to concrete. my 50mm f/1.4 is no more. some choice swear words were said…

so, this one is at 35mm. i am less happy with it, but there you are… working with the one lens i have left until (hopefully) my insurance claim goes through. so, whilst i WAS at peace at this particular moment, the ones leading up to it were less than peaceful!!

4 thoughts on “self-portrait

  • so sorry to hear about the lenses. i can only imagine how painful that experience was. and i admire your ability to let it go, move on, adjust. i’m not that much of a grown up yet :(

    found a lovely book in the mail today from you! looking forward to digging in – thank you for thinking of me :)

  • dude, i’m sorry. i’ve got my beloved polaroid camera in the shop because of accidental falling out of a bag…

    and just like my email said, the list always grows. :)

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