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Time alone is as essential as breathing.
– Susannah Conway. From This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart 


I lie awake staring at the ceiling; hear the soft rain falling, pattering a gentle rhythmic melody on to the scaffolding across the street. He is snoring beside me but I’m done with sleep for today.

I get up quietly, tip-toe to the kitchen closing the door behind me… switch on the kettle and grind some coffee. Today I choose the small handmade pottery cup I brought back with me from Mexico. I like the shape of it and the way it sits in my hand. It reminds me of the new friends I made on the trip.

Water boiled, I pour, then stir. The warm, earthy aromas of the coffee fill my nostrils and make my mouth water.

I sit at the table and savour the cup.


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