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kayak from mawhitipana to onetangi

Feet in a kayak looking towards a headland. Photo © Leonie Wise

today we hauled our kayaks into the ocean and did a short paddle from mawhitipana bay (palm beach) to onetangi. it was a beautifully sunny day, but the wind got up making whitecaps in the water as we were heading around thompson’s point. so… after spending some time exploring the remarkably clear waters around opopoto bay, we called in a favour from a friend, parked the kayaks up on the beach and went to get the car instead of paddling back in a head wind.

Photo © Leonie WisePhoto © Leonie WiseFeet in a kayak looking towards a headland. Photo © Leonie WisePhoto © Leonie WisePhoto © Leonie WiseRocks and seaweed underwater. Photo © Leonie WiseA man in a kayak on the water. Photo © Leonie WisePhoto © Leonie WiseSeaweed underwater. Photo © Leonie WisePhoto © Leonie WisePhoto © Leonie WiseImage © Leonie WiseLooking over the water towards Onetangi Beach, Waiheke Island. © Leonie WiseKayak on the beach at Onetangi, Waiheke Island. © Leonie Wise


the kayaks we have are really too short for nic to enjoy paddling in as his one keeps filling up with water (specially when the water is choppy like it was today). that makes it not so enjoyable for me either, as i have to keep stopping to drain the water out! he went and bought a new (longer) one which should hopefully make it easier to convince him to go out paddling with me again soon.