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breakfast on the road, kawakawa bay

eating | a sumptuous 3-course sunday roast lunch (with all the trimmings) at Cazador – organised by gather & hunt. totally worth the trek into the city on the ferry and out to the suburbs on a bus.

drinking | mulled cider. adapted from this nigella recipe. perfect for our cool winter evenings.

collecting | a list of places we want to eat in auckland. currently this list is growing quicker than we can cross things off.

watching | i just found the 100 season 1 on nz netflix. i was going to save it up to watch on the evenings that nic is away over the next few weeks. did that happen? no.

planning | one of the first things I do when I am preparing for travel (after writing my packing list) is look for places to eat. i’m so excited to be joining my friend jo in brisbane for a night in october and have been scoping lovely vege/vegan places within walking distance of our accommodation.

playing | i recently purchased a 1975 edition of cluedo from our local spca. all the pieces were intact and we’ve been having fun, just the two of us (then with friends this past weekend), playing this lovely board game.

what have you been up to?