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lie for a while with your ear against the earth

lie for a while with your ear against the earth

1 // i’m up early to drop nic off at the first ferry leaving the island today. home again, i open the bedroom doors, then climb back into bed listening to the dawn chorus and watching the sky change colour

2 // i love the way light moves through this house

3 // it’s far too nice to have lunch inside today

4 // sometimes i think i could use milo as a sundial, telling the time of day based on his position in the garden

5 // the lawn really needs mowing, but i’m reluctant to do it as i love the daisies and dandelions

6 // i have no idea what some of the plants in our garden are. enter my mother – she has helped me identify a lot of them. these i transplanted from elsewhere, so it’s a relief to see them bloom

7 // sometimes i just have to stop and look at the way the light is currently playing on what’s in my view. because, well, you know…

8 // …light

at the beginning of september i decided it was time for a change, so i dusted off my dslr, put the 50mm prime lens on it and set myself the one camera one lens project. today it comes to an end, though i’m enjoying using the camera so much i might find another project theme for october.

it’s been a really fun and surprising adventure. and it’s made me see our new home in a completely different way. sometimes the days feel like they bleed together here but, looking back through all the photos i’ve made this month, i realise that every day has it’s own quiet and beautiful song. i love seeing the whole set together. it’s making me look closer, linger, explore, sit still, listen.

thank-you to everyone who has left me lovely comments here, whispered words of encouragement via email and chatted to me in person.

to you, i bow


* the title of this post is taken from the lyrics of this song