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life on film

life on film


+ expired agfachrome 1000 rs film, gifted to me by the lovely angie muldowney


on my christmas holiday reading list:

  1. the 1st issue of monday’s journal
  2. jay maisel’s book light, gesture, and color on the recommendation of my friend david
  3. a field guide to getting lost by rebecca solnit – an interesting set of essays with some provocative [to me] writing
  4. a homemade life: stories and recipes from my kitchen table by molly wizenberg. we ate at sitka & spruce in seattle on her recommendation, because we couldn’t get to delancey
  5. i’ve just finished re-reading bird by bird, so thought i’d take in some more of anne lamott’s reading and pick up stitches: a handbook on meaning, hope and repair next

what are you reading these holidays?