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life on film

life on film


a few months ago, these pay-to-view binoculars appeared at the top of the walkway down to little palm beach from cory road. they look down on mawhitipana bay and out towards coromandel and great barrier island (neither of which are visible on this particular day).

also located in about four other spots on the island, there’s a few residents who are not at all happy with their installation. i like them, except that the guys who bought and installed them neglected one tiny detail that would make them more user-friendly – the cost to get them working*!


after dropping Nic at the ferry in the mornings and before I go home to continue my day, I very often follow the path that leads from the binoculars to the lookout seat here, because….


…. the view, ever changing, is one that always fills me with delight and starts my day off just right.

* someone went around and wrote the price on them with a permanent marker about a month later.