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life on film

life on film

big blue rooster on the 4th plinth, trafalgar square

the big blue cockerel, the fourth plinth, trafalgar sqaure, london. may 2014

for a while i wondered if i’d even made this photograph as i couldn’t find it amongst all the other photos from our trip to the uk in may. turns out it was on the beginning of a roll i’ve just had developed!


i don’t sign up to anything at this time of the year that professes to help me endure the ‘silly season’ because we don’t experience it that way; but i have found a couple of lovely communities you could play along with this month if you want to reflect on the year that’s been…

  1. the december reflections 2014 project by susannah conway: read about it here | share on instagram using #decemberreflections
  2. the life:captured inc project write your heart outread about it here | download the prompts here | share on instagram using #lifecapturedproject