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1 // we are up just after 5am this morning and, after dropping nic at the commuter ferry, I head to Kennedy point to wait for the car ferry. I stand at the waters edge watching – and listening to – the ripples as the sky brightens.

2 // the magnolias are in bloom at my parents-in-law’s house. they will always remind me of susannah.

3 // I take a walk to an old favourite place for a fancy breakfast whilst the car is being serviced.

4 // stop and look: the twigs that – from a distance – seem bare are showing tiny signs of spring.

5 // in case you missed the obvious clues – like the high fences, the nets and the courts – there’s also a sign on the pavement about the sports facilities you’ll find here.

6 // the only time the car is washed now is when we bring it to the mainland. I have a strange adoration for the car wash – the long orange brushes whirling by make me imagine a dancer twirling, or a pair of huge fuzzy leg-warmers worn by two giant legs.

7 // I often find the backs of buildings and shops more interesting than the front. It’s like I’m getting a peek into the buildings private life.

8 // it was a very busy and productive day – extremely satisfying and sunny too, even if i was so rushed at the end of the trip that my lunch was a burger in the car whilst waiting for the 4pm ferry. the car is loaded with new garden tools (a mulcher – whee!) and a few other house-type items, and it’s nice to be heading home again.