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Morning Light, Brunswick Heads Beach, NSW, Australia. By Leonie Wise
Morning Light, Brunswick Heads Beach, NSW, Australia
march rushed by me like a high-speed train. and i’m like “whaaaat? again? another cray-zee month?”

we both added PT sessions into our gym mix. nic went out looking for a new job (and got pretty much the perfect one*). we ate apple crumble… made because i accidentally bought vanilla custard instead of vanilla yogurt. and what goes with custard better than home-made apple crumble? nothing that i can think of…

we swam in the ocean (not enough)
we did bootcamp on the beach
we had friends stay over for easter
we moved the sofa out on to the deck and lounged around long after dark

i travelled to napier to do a 1-day workshop with toni childs (yes, the singer) at my friend carol’s yoga studio. i had the best skype date with a gorgeous friend in vancouver. i went to a ring-making class with my sister jude. i got an answer (and a solution) for all that is wrong with my foot, which means that come april i should be running again.

in the last of my trips to australia, i walked the beach at brunswick heads before — and during — sunrise, drank espresso in a local cafe not long after dawn, spent my days learning some interesting new things about myself, and my evenings chilling out.

so that’s 1/4 of the year already gone. in what feels like minutes. it’s dark now when we wake and the nights are getting cooler, but we’re still sleeping with the door open a lot.

i had some conversations that i have reflected on after the talking was done. sometimes i have clever things to say, and valuable insights to contribute. and i am learning that it’s usually after i’ve had time to think and reflect that those insights make themselves known. like i have to stop talking (and listening) in order for the thoughts to be heard… the insights come when i get quiet.

if the rest of our year is as amazing as the first part has been, it’s going to be the best one yet.

* every time we’ve had a change in our lives (usually work-related, but not always), something better has always (ALWAYS) come of it. #truestory