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may reading list

may reading list

2016 The Year In Books - May. By Leonie Wise-1

I skipped a post for my April reading list. Not because I didn’t read anything, but because it was all James Patterson type novels and I burn through one of those in a day just as light reading.

This month, I’ve got a great selection of books on the go… a couple beside my bed, one on the dining table, and one on the kindle for reading as I travel.

  1. Vinegar Socks. Traditional Home Remedies for Modern Living
    by Karin Berndl & Nici Hofer
    I came across this intriguing book doing an internet search for “pimp my bathwater” for a future post. The ‘recipe’ I found was for Conker Bathing Essence and it’s out of this book. So, I ordered it from the library and it’s such a lovely book. It’s beautifully styled with some fun-sounding recipes. It’s even got one for home-made Apple Cider Vinegar, and I’ve since procured some apples and made a batch that’s now sitting in the laundry cupboard doing its thing. I suspect there might be a few more recipes I try from this little treasure. The photo above is from this lovely book.
  2. Rising Strong
    by Brené Brown
    I broke my “no buying any books in 2016” rule for this one by Brené, as I knew I’d want to break out the highlighter a lot (which I have). So much of what she writes strikes a deep chord in me and I respond to the language she uses in a very visceral way. A lot of what she writes is stuff I already think about, however she has an eloquence that I lack (and all the science & research to back her writing up). I’ve done so much highlighting in the book already that, by the time I get to the end, about half of it will probably be yellow. So much good stuff to read and re-read, consider and act upon.
  3. A Fortune Teller Told Me. Earthbound Travels in the Far East
    by Tiziano Terzani
    Warned by a Hong Kong fortune-teller not to risk flying for an entire year, Tiziano Terzani instead travelled by foot, boat, bus, car, and train. He visited Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. I haven’t started this one yet, it’s next on my list.
  4. Hartwood: Between the Land and the Sea
    by Eric Werner, Mya Henry, Mulke Christine, Oliver Strand
    I’m not so much reading this book as salivating over every single, beautifully presented, recipe. Some of the ingredients used are pretty much impossible for me to get here, but I think I might at least attempt to make a couple of the recipes I can get ingredients for! Gorgeous photos and delicious sounding recipes have me totally enamoured with this book.

What’s on your reading list this month?

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