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morning | evening

morning | evening

today we are scattered around the property like dice – each one landing where they feel like they’ve come into their own fortune.

in the morning, i set the stage for what comes later… the day sacrificed to the night, the fire lit and smelling of sage. the dead become the fuel that breathes life into the flames.

we name the ways we want to surrender and sacrifice our writing to the fire under the blanket covering the new moon. the conversation with myself recently has been about choosing what’s real instead of what’s easy. this has shown itself with many faces over the past few weeks, the music arriving at its finale; the ending of the weekend marking the beginning of something new.

I work with this New Moon to set up a home base that leaves space for the things that bring me solace, the things that lift my spirits, and the things that ground me in the truth … In order to create a home, in order to create a place to not only exist, but to thrive in the world, I make sure that I know where I have dropped my anchor. I investigate the soil I am placed upon, making sure that it has the nutrients I need to grow these seeds I am sowing.
– Chani Nicholas