morning | evening

today i am thinking about daily and seasonal rituals, the friendships that sustain me and the ones that really aren’t friendships at all. today i am a sunbeam, even in the midst of grey skies and wild weather. today i anchor myself in the movement of my body and the rhythm of the hundreds of decisions and tasks that i’m part of and that are happening around me. today i am present. today i am sinking into the moments as they come, with as much sensory awareness as possible. today there are three visits from one of my favourite colleagues. today there is little drama and lots of laughter. today’s work busyness has a beach at its coda. today has the cold shock of the ocean at oneroa — stopping to plunge my feet in… standing, until the cold feels like it’s inside as well as outside of me. today i have gained and lost myself a hundred times. today is a good day.