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notes from the road • 06 jan '15

hokkaido-1 hokkaido-2


up early to grab a quick breakfast then head north to hokkaido. we are out exploring for all of the daylight hours and i play around with some movement using my phone & a larger digital camera.

my skin is dry and i feel a bit like a lizard in need of some serious moisturising and if that’s all i have to worry about, i figure life really isn’t that bad!

the common areas of this evenings hotel are playing music that makes me feel a little like i’m trapped in a music box, and the public baths are so hot i only last about 10 minutes, but it feels very nice to have a soak after a full-on first day.

my travel companions are interesting, curious, daring and hilarious.

i’m full on in play / experiment / fun mode and loving being back here.