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notes from the road • 14 jan '15


tetrapods in the water, omu, hokkaido

these giant concrete structures are all along the coastlines up here as protection against the battering waves. today was not the first time we’ve had the opportunity to make photographs with these in them and i’m still struggling a little to figure out what i’m drawn to in these shapes and what it is i want to say about them. the guys have already made some fabulous images of them (like this one and this one) and, since none of us sees, feels or experiences the way anyone else does, i was trying to think about my relationship with them, their relationships to each other, and what it was i wanted to say.

i love this image because of the solitary tetrapod that has broken free and been washed away from the rest of the stack. it brings to mind (for me) the quote by Rilke that goes…

I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone.

for me that means hanging out with people that are excited by things, curious, passionate, in love with life – it’s mystery, it’s grace, it’s blessed unrest. and i’m so very grateful that some of them are here.