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nothing left

nothing left

diptych. milo sleeping, toast & coffee. by leonie wiseI’m awake at 3am, my ears filled with the sound of the rain on our roof. I listen out for the submersible pump that transports water from our small tank to a larger one at the front of the section, drifting back off to sleep when I hear it start up, happy that it’s all working as it should be. 

I’m awake again when Nics alarm goes off. I hear the shower, then the coffee machine. The light comes on and we sit in bed reading until it’s time for me to get up and drop him at the 6am ferry. 

I make myself toast. And coffee. And sit watching the rain flood our garden. 

My bag is all packed, I’ve been to get coffee beans, Milos bowl has been filled. It’s early, but I head for the ferry anyway, preferring a leisurely journey over a hurried one. 

Nic has sent me this months login for the wifi usually reserved for airport lounge guests so I find a spot to sit and download another few podcasts for my flight. 

My email auto-responder is on and I achieved inbox:0 before I left the house this morning. 

Nothing left but to go.