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nothing much happened (27)

nothing much happened (27)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

fortunately, unfortunately

when i was young i was introduced to a game. i have no idea what it was actually called, but i recall it as the “fortunately, unfortunately game”. in it, a disaster scenario alternates in turn with a more positive scenario. here’s my example from today…

picture the scene… a woman in her middling years wakes from a tumultuous slumber. it’s still dark, the morning light is only a promise and the dawn chorus is yet to wake. she clambers out of bed and dresses quickly, packs her bag and heads for the garden shed to collect her bicycle to begin her journey into the city.

unfortunately the rain begins just as she is leaving the house

fortunately, she’s wearing layers of merino and a weatherproof, high visibility jacket

unfortunately, she gets soaking wet on her way to the ferry, cold on the ferry ride and is a little bit miserable by the time she gets to the office

fortunately, her work clothing is dry… her waterproof pannier bag protecting it from the elements and she gets to shower at work and change before her work day begins

unfortunately, her birkenstocks are not dry and remain wet all day

fortunately, nobody in the office cares if she wanders around barefoot

unfortunately, it’s raining again when she leaves the office at the end of the day

fortunately, she’s going to pilates and gets to change into dry clothes when she gets there

unfortunately, it’s raining again when she leaves the pilates studio and heads for the ferry to take her home. she’s wet for the third time today

fortunately, it’s warm

unfortunately, on the bicycle ride home from the ferry she gets a puncture

fortunately, it’s not raining and she got a puncture in a particularly picturesque location so she gets to enjoy the sounds of the evening while she waits to be picked up


nic had never heard of this game… have you?