nothing much happened (30)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

today was a good day. here’s why

  • i got to ride my bike again. thanks to nic who fixed my puncture. it makes my commute faster and way more enjoyable
  • it was a cold ride in, but i didn’t get rained on
  • i am back to my regular schedule for kickboxing with a personal trainer. he’s a young mixed martial arts pro who is also an excellent teacher. for one reason or another i haven’t been able to go for the past few weeks. it felt good to be moving my body and testing my limits in that way again
  • i bought a 5-class pass to try out a pilates studio in the city and today was my last session. that is also testing the limits of my body in different ways. and (after missing the ferry by a minute the first time and having to wait over an hour for the next one) i have worked out my exit routine in a way that gets me to the 6pm ferry with a few minutes to spare
  • being “data informed” is an important part of research and decision making in my role and access to it has been difficult. today i managed to get some information out of our system that brings part of our process into a new light. this will help inform some product decisions that i’ve been struggling to make