nothing much happened (32)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

something I saw

+ a woman in a short dark-navy tutu and cowgirl boots with a fish shaped bag slung from her right shoulder walking into the local Placemakers.

+ neil gaiman (yes, that one) down at the ferry today. a lot of interesting people live on this island and often you’d never know they’re here.

something we were gifted

Julie Biuso, a nz “celebrity” cook, also lives on the island and she’s recently published a new recipe book. One of the friends that is staying this weekend bought us the book as a gift. I’m looking forward to exploring the pages and trying some of the recipes it contains.

2 thoughts on “nothing much happened (32)

  • I was wondering whether you’d see Neil. He, Amanda Palma and their son Ash have been on the island for a couple of months. It’s a crazy small world.

    • Yeah, there’s a few interesting people on this island. Those are just some of them!

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