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nothing much happened (35)

nothing much happened (35)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

something remembered

on tuesdays i work from home now instead of going into the office. this saves me a 90 minute commute book-ending my day. this morning i dropped nic at the ferry and went for a walk on the beach before coming home to start work. the weather was wild and the sea was foaming, the wind whipping my hear and tearing at my clothes.

before i started working in the city, this was my morning ritual – drop nic at the ferry, go for a walk or a run. the busy-ness and hustle of life has interfered with that ritual and this morning i remembered what it felt like to have that small moment to myself at the edge of my day.

something that makes me feel good

i can’t remember if i’ve written here about my kickboxing personal training before. yep… i do kickboxing, usually once a week, with a guy who’s a pro mixed martial artist. i was introduced to him by some friends on the island who own a gym. today, as a supplement to my training with the pro, i did some pad work with one of the friends who introduced me. i can’t tell you how good it feels to be using my brain and body in a different way than i do in my day-to-day job life. it feels so, so good.