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opening myself up

opening myself up

farewell spit
wide open space – farewell spit, golden bay, new zealand

taking a leaf from the book of my adventurous friend alex, i jump:- a huge leap of faith…

opening myself up once more to a place that scares the pants off me, i invite a small group of inspirational women bloggers to meet.

caroline, and megg i have already met in person…
and susannah i haven’t met yet, though i would dearly love to do so…

me who is unbelievably shy (though some might doubt that), afraid of not being liked, fearful of everyone saying ‘no thanks’, i gently remind myself to never be afraid of living my life exactly as i wish it to be. i gently remind myself that in order to make friends, i need to break myself open a little more – becoming a wide open space, ready to accept whatever might come (whatever that might be). the courage to trust that whatever happens, it is the most perfect thing to happen for me right now.

so i put myself out there – throwing my email invitation into the ‘verse, i open myself up and ask for what i want – for all of us to meet, to hang out, go on a play date… speaking the truth that is for me in this moment, i ask for this with all the hope in my heart.

and, every one of them says YES! in fact, there are suggestions of two others (jo and emma) who are also keen to join us!

christine kane, in one of her songs sings “leap, and the net will appear”. i admit it’s a bit of a cliche and yet, when i dare, when i put myself out there, when i open myself up to new possibilities – daring to live my life as i really want it to be, something magical always happens.

so, today i ask you…

  • what is one thing you could do today to live your most authentic life?
  • what is something you have been fearing to ask for?
  • is there someone you would like to connect with that you fear might say no?
  • is there are part of you that is calling to be opened wide to a new possibility?

i would lovingly say to you (as i lovingly and gently say to myself), if you don’t ask… the answer is always going to be no.
dare to do it – start with one small thing
magic happens