pieces of me

hasselblad, ilford 100 ASA b&w film
  1. i have ended up doing stuff for my job that i would never have believed possible. some days i am so worried that someone will find me out and call “fraud” that i carry a talisman around in my pocket to help dispel my feelings of inadequacy… like a smooth stone from the beach. or a turritella shell. or a piece of quartz. i don’t know if it works, but it makes me feel better
  2. i had my wedding and engagement rings melted down and made into one ring that is the shape of the turritella shell. i love it.
  3. i have found the perfect beach house for us to spend a week in for christmas this year. if it was any closer to the ocean we’d be sleeping with our feet in the water.
  4. when i finally return to nz, i want my home to be so close to the sea that i can hear the waves as i drift off to sleep…
  5. because i grew up here

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16 thoughts on “pieces of me

  • Love where you grew up. Looks like heaven on a stick. I’m going home for Christmas and I am so going to fill up on all those beautiful beaches. We’re doing a quick whizz through the North Island with friends, then a longer time in my beloved South Island. 5 weeks at home!!! :-)

  • hello lovely…. oh my a beach house for christmas….sounds like a lovely dream….. and the ocean… i would love to live near it someday….

    happy weekend…. xo, Kim

  • Funny about carrying a good luck charm around at work — I should have tried that.

    Visiting from 5 Facts Friday.

  • What an amazing place to have grown up! I grew up in the prairies, very far away from the ocean so it seems so luxurious to live by it. Maybe someday.

  • don’t you fret, sweet one– you are the pure and authentic– my guess is the people who work with you think you are some kind of AWESOME SAUCE

    and, care to share the addy of the amazing beach house? (I promise not to show up xmas week . . .)


  • Beautiful photo … so much “mood” to it. I’m a beach person and I “get” it … your holiday beach getaway sounds fantastic!


  • 1. this was me when i was practicing acupuncture.
    2. i can’t wait to see what you’ve created, and i’d like to melt down my engagement ring, i just need to redesign due to nj robbery and no more necklace.
    3 -5 because i grew up at the beach, i get it. i just wish we could have afforded to be close enough to hear the sea…

  • That photo is beautiful… like a dream… love the bird floating. I can relate to #1 I often find myself winging it and hoping noone will notice. Happy weekend, may you rest well x.

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