postcards from brighton

i love the quirky shops that make up the brighton scene, like utility. tiny, but fabulous.

bills is the kind of place that i could while away the hours of a whole day

wandering through the dusty snoopers paradise is a sure fire way to bring me happy
poor dolly

the locals are terrifically interesting
brighton dude

and the pavilion gardens are a beautiful accompaniment for the ornate building
i love the gardens at the brighton pavilion

with love,

8 thoughts on “postcards from brighton

  • Great photos, as usual, Leonie. The photo of the local guy’s marvellous, and Bill’s looks like the kind of place I’d like to settle down for an hour or so to write with a tea or coffee at hand.

  • Wow! I have never felt a particular need to go to Brighton until seeing these photos! Beautiful, fun, and intriguing, Leonie. You capture such magic.

  • I’m always a bit self conscious about taking photos in shops and restaurants. And the chap in the yellow singlet – did you ask him to pose for you ?

  • Hurrah! In a month I will be staying in Tunbridge Wells, just a bus ride away from Brighton. I can’t wait to (re)explore all the sunny nooks and crannies!

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