postcards from the canterbury coast

dear friends,

yesterday was a day for exploring another area outside of london. we were headed for herne bay, however we stopped at whitstable on a friend’s recommendation. i’m so pleased we did, it’s such a pretty township and the seafood stores along the marina boast a great selection of fresh seafood.

fish suppers - spectra
polaroid spectra

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we drove around the coast towards herne bay, stopping to admire the three rows of beach huts facing out towards the sea below marine parade at tankerton.

tankerton beach huts

love shack

the herne bay we visited here in the uk, is so very different from the herne bay we know and love in new zealand, so we actually didn’t stay there long, choosing instead to go check out…

the 12th-century towers of the ruined church at reculver,

12th-century towers of the ruined church at reculver

st augustine’s cross (just for you carol ::grin::),

st augustine's cross

and the stone chapel at faversham – the only christian building in england to incorporate within its fabric the remains of a 4th-century romano-british pagan mausoleum.

stone chapel at faversham

with love,
love lane


p.s. more photos on flickr

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