12 thoughts on “postcards from great chalfield

  • There is something so lonely about that rocking chair…I want to write a story that starts with that chair.

  • beautiful horse – did it have a nice personality?

  • the only thing i’d love more than these photographs would be to have been on that walk with you and the other beloveds.
    stunning, love. really.

  • oh. my. GOD! I am such a junkie for abandoned buildings, I am seriously bug-eyed over that chair, cabinet, and window. Where oh where did you find such a wonderful place? I see so many ruined buildings, but almost never are they safe enough to venture inside!

  • Beautiful … I love the sense of ‘space’.

    My favourites are the lovely chair and the horse… :)

  • awesome, love Jo’s kitchen, it’s a bit what mine looks like at the minute:)

    three lovely ladies having a day out – perfection!

  • I really should dust my kitchen cupboards more often :)
    (And can I nick that photo of my hand and the horse for my reiki site?!)
    Love you xx

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