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postcards from london

postcards from london

blue. green. cracked window. happy

tiny street art near columbia road flower market.

two for a fiver, three for a tenner are common cries from the vendors at the end of the day…

this was definitely one of my favourite finds.

busy brick lane | people sit on the sidewalk to eat lunch

a mirror hung on a door gives passersby a sneaky peek into the shop – i would guess it’s intended to lure people in.

christ church, spitalfields | a dude poses for a photo by the winning design of the inaugural Spitalfields Sculpture Prize – Kenny Hunter’s hand-sculpted goat

since the royal wedding in april, there have been longer-than-normal queues outside westminster cathedral


a day exploring east london with the lovely angie. i took more photos with people in them than usual, intent on providing some context. how’d i do?

[map] we walked from old street station to the albion cafe to pick up a sandwich… headed to colombia road flower market then down through brick lane and spitalfields. i think we covered most of east london’s busy sunday spots!