postcards from london

dear friends,

today being a lazy sunday (and one where our end of the jubilee line was open), we decided to take advantage of the glorious autumn sunshine and venture out into the wilds of north london – hampstead heath in particular.


and their dog

(or bicycle)

obviously had the same idea as us

go looking for a new path to explore

& enjoy the beautiful blue sky…

try a new language

or two,

or, if you’re brave, go for a swim.
the swimming pond

more photos up on flickr

3 thoughts on “postcards from london

  • I heart Hampstead heath…we lived in Holloway Road for 2 years years back….but oh!!! the energy in hampstead…! xx

  • one day i will get to london, oh yes i will :-)

    i spent most of the weekend flying home and then sleeping, i am still so utterly exhausted but smiling big … xo

  • a lovely way to spend the day!
    i spent my weekend on the couch, watching movies, painting ~ resting up :)

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