postcards from london

(the literal version)

these postcards were on a stand outside a part of london that doesn’t get many tourists passing by. i am very tempted to return, buy the whole stack of curled postcards on the right and use them for something creative.

maybe i could send them to people – do an unloved postcards swap or something.
any other suggestions?

9 thoughts on “postcards from london

  • Hi, I came across your photo of Roseberry Topping in North Yorkshire and thought you might like to see my Roseberry Topping gallery of paintings. I also have a Roseberry room devoted to paintings on google blogs.

  • how about writing a note to the place that created them and sending them one back to let them know how lonely their cards are in that spot?

  • I love Bella’s idea, and I love the unloved postcard swap. I’ve got a bunch people have given me I’d be happy to send around.

    Who’s in?

  • Oooo! Bella’s idea is fantastic! Wouldn’t that just be the coolest thing to find a postcard from London waiting for you on a bench in another city… I’m carried away by this idea now!

  • they definitely need to find a better home. maybe a swap? maybe writing inspiring quotes on the back and leaving them to be found?

  • love bella’s idea – write some verse on them, or a loving wish and scatter them across the world :)

  • Hmm. That’s a great idea. Another one that came to mind would be if you wrote a little something on what you love about your city and carry / place a postcard in a lonely spot on one of your many travels? Give people from faraway places a taste of London?

  • Awww, I feel sad for them too. I think you should give them a better place in the world (bet you could get a good discount for buying the whole stack)!

    I’d love to see one curled up in my postbox.

  • HA, your post came up in my feed and my first thought before reading the post was, “wow, I feel bad for that pack of post cards on the right”

    I would be honored if I got one of those rain soaked postcards. And I would frame it right next to this shot :)

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