postcards from the natural history museum

an expedition to the natural history museum

natural history museum, london
tawny owl

natural history museum, london
a box of birds

natural history museum, london

natural history museum, london
the ultimate shadow puppet – dinosaur, doing dinosaur

natural history museum, london
stunning building

natural history museum, london

natural history museum, london
ceiling detail – every panel is different. you want to know about plants… look up!


all photos canon 5d mkII, 16-35mm f/2.8.
nic also took a great photograph selection of the main building on his phone and stitched it together with autostitch

7 thoughts on “postcards from the natural history museum

  • *wow* These are incredible. I especially love the shadow of the dinosaur, but all the shapes and colors of the building are quite stunning, and you capture them beautifully.

  • I’m attending an awards ceremony that takes place around (and underneath) the dinosaur skeleton later this month. It’s always a spectacular event in a wonderful setting!

    Awesome pix.

  • Wonderful photos, Leonie. You seem able to see light in a way that lifts your photos far above the ordinary.

    That owl is straight from someone’s mythology, and the dinosaur stalks everyone’s dreams sooner or later.

  • that second picture is wow. they look like autumn leaves trying to pull free of their branches.

  • Hubby & I visited here when we on our honeymoon. My favorite part was the exhibit of all the deep sea creatures ~ like the stuff that lives miles & miles below the surface. Extremely interesting. Thanks for making me recall it :-)

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