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postcards from prague

postcards from prague

dear friends,

we’ve been tripping around quite a bit recently – the new spring weather has us creeping out from beneath warm feather duvets, flinging open doors & windows and venturing to new places.

last weekend, it was an overnight visit to prague. we travelled with friends (also originally from new zealand), to support our friend running her first marathon in prague.

prague is beautiful, virtually untouched by world war two. the locals are friendly, the beer cheap (and delicious)…

the weather was gorgeous and the main city areas are easy to travel on foot.

nic and i walked up to the palace through the gardens from the streets below

the city lay out below us, a beautiful bohemian city covering both sides of the river

sunday, we cheered our friend on as she ran… the layout of the marathon meant we could walk to different parts of the course to see something new and offer some more enthusiastic encouragement.the trip was far too short and we’d love to go back. with so many other places still to visit over this side of the world we’ll definitely have to plan for it – perhaps a visit in winter to go snowboarding!

with love and my thoughts of you…