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seattle highlights

seattle highlights


seems for seattle, as much as anywhere else, i wandered a lot without making many photographs. so, when it came to showing you some of what we saw, there wasn’t much to show!

here’s some of the highlights:

having lobster mac ‘n cheese (yes, really) for dinner at the bar of the purple cafe and wine bar sitting next to a guy who we are 99.9% sure was one of the founders of atari + going to see bonobo live (though not so good was the smell in there – clearly bathing is not high on the priority list for some seattleites) + jake’s lively, educational, entertaining and FREE walking tours of pike place market and downtown seattle + staying at the ace hotel + eating at local 360 in belltown + and their fog lifter cocktail (though it didn’t work) + britt’s pickles spicy pickle juice – so good that we got a bottle and sunk it with our lunch of a hunk of fresh smoked salmon and a loaf of fresh cholla from pike place market + buying a pickle-ator kit to bring back to NZ (and already successfully making my first batch of sauerkraut) + dinner at sitka & spruce (if it’s good enough to make Molly wizenberg’s seattle city dozen, it’s good enough for us – and it was divine).

a great way to wind up our travels in the USA before flying back to NZ