postcards from split

This woman is so amazing to be around that I will take any chance to hang out with her. And so, with her being in Europe for a couple of weeks and at a loose end for some of the time, we arranged to meet in Split a couple of weekends ago.

We drank wine on the steps outside the cathedral inside the old palace, ate amazing fresh seafood, had lunch at the oldest pizzeria in town, wandered the alley ways of the palace and were delighted to be caught up in the festivities of two weddings in the square right by our apartment.


We were chatted up by waiters, talked about the things that matter deeply to us, walked the promenade down by the water, visited the green market and the fish market and made more than a few photographs. Though I took my digital camera with me, it’s the photographs I made with the Spectra and Impossible PZ680 film that I adore.


Then, due to airline strikes I ended up with an extra afternoon and evening in Split by myself. I went for a walk up in the hills above the city, and found an amazing place to eat.


p.s. those last two photographs ended up being stuffed in the back pocket of my shorts. not the most clever idea since it resulted in two very mangled-looking photographs!

8 thoughts on “postcards from split

  • Oh, sigh . . . such lovely memories. And these photos? Since I was lucky enough to be there as you were making them and got to watch them develop in all their glory, I am a teeny, tiny bit less jealous of your amazing talent than I would be had I not been there. I treasure every moment of our oh-too-brief Croatian adventure. I will happily go anywhere in the world with you, you beautiful woman. Lots of love, me

  • Wonderful photos and that film looks very special indeed – it’sl ike you travelled back in time as well as across Europe. :)
    PS – I like the pocket-effect – you should patent that!

  • serendipitous airline strike! looks like a lovely time was had and i can imagine how refreshing it was to be away. love the photos, even the mangled ones :)

  • Really love the mood and timeless quality that you’ve captured with your Spectra! I bought a Spectra a couple months ago and have been trying to learn how best to use it. Do you have any tips? I tried a number of double exposures in B&W, which wasn’t the best idea for my first attempts. I like the idea of DEs but mine were not very successful. I have a pack of Impossible PX680 to shoot next. I’ll be taking single images this time. Wish me better luck :)

  • Mmm, beautiful Croatia! My boyfriend is from Zagreb so we visit Croatia every summer… Can’t wait for July to visit again :)

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