postcards from squam

the above photo was actually taken in provincetown, though i thought it appropriate as the opening shot for these postcards to you…

art really is a way of life…
as important to me now as breathing.

and how wonderful it was to go to SAW and be surrounded by such beauty & creativity. sometimes, i wished the magic few days would never end though in my heart i know that if i could have this all the time, some of the sparkle would wear off. i also know that i carry that magic around inside of me and can connect into it whenever i need.

speaking of beauty, check out the breathtaking view from the dock outside my cabin at squam lake… i’d been in for an early morning dip and was in the water, floating quietly in the stillness of the morning as the sun rose over the horizon. those are my footprints along the dock as i jumped out to also try and capture the beauty of this place in order share it with you.

sun salutation

it really is a beautiful,

morning light


misty lake

beautiful place…

squam lake

i realised on this trip that i AM a little bit country (not sure about the rock ‘n roll – i’ll get back to you on that one). these boots were found in provincetown and they completely satisfy my alter-ego’s cowgirly desires

a little bit country

i’ve got a couple more posts coming, as i want to share with you some photos from a couple of the classes i did and tell you more about the wonderful, wonderful people i met. hopefully you can get a sense from these few photos of how inspiring and suited the rockywold deephaven camp on squam lake is to getting the creative juices flowing.

polaroid parade

15 thoughts on “postcards from squam

  • i love those boots of yours and these early morning photos … swoon!! i so love you beauty, xoxox

  • girl… you DO carry magic inside you. it’s what makes you shine and draws people to you like a spell. that’s it, i WILL have to move to london ha ha. that way we can go off on photo expeditions throughout the city and top it off with soy lattes. love, love, love you.

  • Such beauty, within and without… Thank you so much for sharing it, and yourself with us. It is always something to treasure.

  • You officially have the best boot collection ever! Tell us more about Squam.

  • I loooove your boots and I’m so glad that you found a juicy creative space at Squam.

  • Leonie, these pictures are gorgeous! You DO carry the magic inside of you ~ you are just so lovely. xo

  • sigh.
    it looks and sounds AMAZING.
    can’t wait to see more pics,
    and hear more stories :)

    ps. those boots are rockin’ girl!

  • It really does look like a beautiful place and appears to nourish so many people on so many different levels. I think that I may have just drooled all over my laptop while looking at the picture of those sx-70’s ;-)

  • oh sweet leonie, you are so rock ‘n roll! wait ’til you see your rockstar self in the ttv photos I’m sending you!

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