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blockage at the I5 north

blockage at the I5 north

I’m more than a month behind with what I wanted to say here.

And there’s things happening now that I want to write about, except there’s a blockage: It’s the I5 North.

It’s also the rest of our travels in the USA, Seattle, the meltdown I had at LAX before we boarded the plane to NZ, wondering what the hell we were doing, second-guessing our choice to move back, feeling the loss of physical closeness to my treasured UK friends.

So, I haven’t written anything.
About then, or now.

Here’s some photographs from our drive up the I5 instead. Hoping this will clear the way.

I5North-1 I5North-2 I5North-3 I5North-12 I5North-13 I5North-4 I5North-5 I5North-6 I5North-7 I5North-8 I5North-9 I5North-10 I5North-11