blockage at the I5 north

I’m more than a month behind with what I wanted to say here.

And there’s things happening now that I want to write about, except there’s a blockage: It’s the I5 North.

It’s also the rest of our travels in the USA, Seattle, the meltdown I had at LAX before we boarded the plane to NZ, wondering what the hell we were doing, second-guessing our choice to move back, feeling the loss of physical closeness to my treasured UK friends.

So, I haven’t written anything.
About then, or now.

Here’s some photographs from our drive up the I5 instead. Hoping this will clear the way.

I5North-1 I5North-2 I5North-3 I5North-12 I5North-13 I5North-4 I5North-5 I5North-6 I5North-7 I5North-8 I5North-9 I5North-10 I5North-11


3 thoughts on “blockage at the I5 north

  • Wow love these shots and looking forward to more. We love having you back, and I’m sure you’ll find a way to love it all. We had a meltdown in LAX too – perhaps the best US airport for meltdowns ;-)

  • Leonie,

    I haven’t commented before but your blog and writing inspires me. I am from Ireland but have lived in Scotland for the past 18 years. I have a life here, a partner, fabulous friends, a job, home but my family lives in Ireland and a large part of my heart is there. A few years ago I randomly applied for a job in my field back in Ireland…a rare opportunity. I got it…then freaked…could I leave the life and circle of friends…take a leap and start again. Basically fear and doubt crept in.

    I turned the job down telling myself I wasn’t ready, I had so much to lose here, I was too old to start again but deep down my heart was telling me to take a leap of faith…to return to my roots.

    You have taken the brave decision to follow your heart and I have learned the hard way that fear and uncertainty come with the territory. You just have to hold true to your decision. Be gentle with yourself and when you doubt yourself read through your blog for the reasons why you moved back home.

    Take care,


  • I’ve missed your updates, but I totally understand the state you must be in. GO easy and it will come. I hope you’re ok. Loads of love xxx

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