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postcards from the shack

postcards from the shack

dear friends,

seems at the moment, there are adventures to be had around every corner and we get home to unpack, only to find ourselves piling assorted bits and pieces into our bags and we’re off again (just how i like it)…

a couple of weekends ago, we spent another lovely lazy weekend on the isle of wight. we had our own cosy little love nest, a shack belonging to vintage vacations.

there was cake on arrival (delicious)

two really comfy chairs in the front room, a wall of gorgeous vintage mirrors
the front room

and a delightful view out into the bay.
view from the front room and a pic of the shack

there were games to play and a couple of hilarious photo albums to pore through
board games and dog photos

we took a walk along the coastal pathcoastal path

to the needles and old battery, where rocket testing was done during the cold war (amongst other things)
rocket testing and the needles

we drove through beautiful, quiet countrysidebeautiful countryside

walked on the beach collecting treasure (a favourite pastime of mine in any weather/country)
the beach

did a bit of foraging & indulged ourselves a little with some local cheeseblackberries, wine & cheese

a magnificently relaxing weekend.

with love,