spectacular, spectacular


Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.
— John Muir

an awesome day for climbing a mountain yesterday: it’s been unsuitable weather for the past 2-3 weeks and has clouded over again today.
the gods were definitely smiling on us, we had
clear blue skies, a light wind, the sun on our faces.
tired bodies, happy hearts

(there’s also a post from me up on gypsy girls guide this week and i’d love to have you show me some of where YOU live and what you see)

a very happy christmas to you all
with love,

p.s. nic has some photos up too!

18 thoughts on “spectacular, spectacular

  • I love that I’ve ‘found’ your blog and I love your amazing photos, I hope you won’t mind but I’ve placed a link to this blog post from my own about my Tongaririo Crossing. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • What an interesting landscape. I feel as though you have taken me on a journey to another planet. Fascinating place, my friend.

  • Holy Sh*t!!!!

    As usual, these photos are AMAZING!!! The feelings they invoke within me are simply expansive and wondrous!

    I especially like the one of the Red Crater because it looks just like a Yoni.

    Thank you for continuing to bless us with your creations, dearest Leonie!

    Happy New Year ~ and ~ Welcome Home!


  • Oh my, this is so incredible. Thank you so much (again) for taking me places I will never go.

  • Umm – I just typed that comment and it says it was done at 7:07am – ? it’s 5:08 here so is that meant to be London, NZ or Oz time?

  • Wow love the emerald lakes one – but then why wouldn’t I? and the others too. keep on clicking…

  • Beautiful pics, Leonie. You are a true artist.
    Love you.

  • this is andy’s most favourite place on earth… i just showed him this post and i think i lost him to his imagination for the day. i think we need to get outta london for a day or two soon xo

  • Stunning – and I love that quote.
    Love you, miss you.
    Happy Christmas.

  • Amazing – especially the colours (I miss colour) – the Emerald Lake is just stunning.
    Lovely to think of you on the other side of the planet and on top of the world!
    Lots of christmassy love and stuff xxx

  • Thanks for sending the beautiful pictures, so we can go there too!

    Also the rest on Flicker.

    See you in a couple of days.

    Love to you both.

  • @sas: yup. My thoughts too.

    Didn’t think that the first couple of times up there, but I was under 6 those times :)

  • Gorgeous shots love – so pleased you are getting to see the sun.
    The Red Crater looks like an enormous vulva. Just sayin’.

  • omg… Leonie! OK, so it’s summer in NZ? Can you swim in the Emerald Lake? Because I totally would..! Photos are beautiful my dear. I love how you capture your surroundings. xo

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