postcards from waterfall country, wales

greetings friends, fellow gypsy travellers and armchair adventurers.

i have four things to share with you today
(hello and welcome to you if you’re visiting me from gypsy girl’s guide, it’s nice to have your company here.)

  1. i’ve got a guest post up over on gypsy girl’s guide: there’s some postcards from various places and a giveaway to all her readers. so, go check out alex’s beautiful new site (if you haven’t already) and have a read through all the lovely guest posts that are happening whilst she takes a break and focuses on the VERY IMPORTANT task of welcoming her beautiful baby into the world. i feel very blessed to have met the beautiful gypsy alex and her gorgeous man in person. and i can’t wait to meet their beautiful gypsy girl.
    (i also love that she gave me the friday the 13th spot)
  2. check out this week’s friday five from ms Sas Lockey. how she finds these things is beyond me
  3. i couldn’t leave the postcards from wales (rural | coastal), without sharing some images with you of the waterfall country…
    waterfall country, wales
  4. waterfall country, wales

    waterfall country, wales
    i swam in a pool below these falls, but you’re never going to see that photograph.
    yes, it was quite cold, but not the coldest pool i’ve been wild swimming in!

    waterfall country, wales

    waterfall country, wales

    postcards from wales

  5. enough about me, let’s talk about YOU.
    over the coming weeks i will be sharing some of my friends, inspiration and favourite places online. i have made some amazing connections and learned a lot of new tricks via this medium and i want to share them with you. introductions will begin next friday.

what adventures are you having at the moment? are they near where you live or farther from home?
with love to you wherever you are,

11 thoughts on “postcards from waterfall country, wales

  • Absolutely magical! I would love to go there. My upcoming adventure: Friday is my 7th anniversary, and if I’m feeling up to it we’re going to explore a ghost town in Montana. =D

  • Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I visited Wales nearly 20 years ago on my honeymoon, but it was in November, therefore cold & wet, and we didn’t see anything quite like this :-)

    As for my adventures, I am headed back to Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire in September ~ and will miss having you in my cabin :-)

  • perfect – wish I was there to have a go at capturing those falls!
    you’ve done a fantastic job of it and it’s nice they had a good amount of water in them – the ones I last tried in america were running low on water – never mind. Hope you do something really nice for your birthday TOMORROW! Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you…have a wee holiday, holiday, holdiay…! ok – I had a look through some more of your photos the other day and just might go through again and pick out specific ones I want you to make a book out of…

  • These photos are INCREDIBLE … I love a beautiful waterfall and a gorgeous tree!!

    As for my own adventures? Is planning an adventure OK? I’m hoping to escape over to the UK / Europe towards the end of this year … my heart sings at the very thought of it … :)

  • I swam in that very same pool too. I love the Brecons. And I love all the waterfalls.

  • That tree ~ WOW!

    My adventure at the moment is watching my new puppy Tilda sleep. I keep looking at her and melting.

  • Beautiful photos – I could see myself swimming in this most peaceful place.

    We are still vacationing in a cabin on the beautiful Lake George, NY State. Right now I’m sipping a cup of strong coffee in the main cabin where there is wi-fi – planning out our day. xo

  • I am back from NYC and done with adventures…unless you count teaching first grade an adventure! LOVE your pics, especially the viewpoint on the ferns!

  • I love love love these waterfalls – Maybe if you come down I will take you to Baileys then afterwards we can go for a wild swim here! they are probably about 1 hour away from Baileys! I am enchanted by their beauty and I love a wild swim! what do you say? shall we make a date? emma x

  • Love the Wales photos, I think I have been to the same waterfalls two years ago with a little toddler strapped in a sling.

    Our adventures are:

    trying everything in my “muffins & more” book
    handing out my business cards (yes I am that lame)
    taking photos as if it goes out of fashion
    reading fairytales everyday
    building the solar system as a mobile with my 3 year old

    All near. :)

    Have a lovely weekend, lovely Leonie

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