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quiet rhythms

quiet rhythms

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1 // making time to plan our meals for the week, making sure they’re healthy as well as delicious and quick to make when we get home from the gym in the evenings

2 // i had to buy some lapsang souchong tea leaves for a new recipe i’m trying out of super natural cooking. it’s cold and windy here today with intermittent rainstorms, so i thought i’d brew a pot of this smoky tea. it has me imagining i’m sitting by a campfire instead of inside on this blustery day

3 // i can hear water filling our smaller tank as i’m sitting at my desk. i appreciate water a whole lot more now that we don’t have a town supply

4 // i love the intimacy of the island gym: it’s wonderful getting to know some of the people who we see there every day. one of the ladies made a big batch of hummus today, so she brought it in to share with the rest of the group doing HIIT. full of win… tasty, tasty win.